PORCHETUS Salvaticus

PORCHETUS Salvaticus
PORCHETUS Salvaticus
Genuensis, floruit A. C. 1315. Carthusianus, scripsit egregium contra Iudaeos opus. quô non ex S. Scripturis solum, sed et ex Taludistarum et Cabalistarum libris, veritatem Religionis Christianae demonstrat. Editum Parisiis A. C. 1520. Idem scripsisse dicitur, de Entibus et Unis: in Bibliothec. Iacobinorum Genuae. Barthol. Paschetus, de Genua. Augustin. Iustinian. Annal. Genuens. ad A. C. 1299. Augustin. Schiaffinus, Hist. Eccles. Gen. Gesner. in Biblioth. Raphael Sopranius, Script. Ligur.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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  • Porchetus — (died circa 1315) was a Genoese Carthusian monk.He is known for his anti Semitic work from c. 1303, printed in 1520 as Victoria Porcheti adversos impios Hebraeos . He followed the Dominican Ramón Martí in many arguments, and in the matter of the… …   Wikipedia

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